"Jamiroquai.com employs many new Web 2.0 technologies to present fans with the features they now want and expect from an artist’s website. The strength of the site is Modera’s CMS, which provides us with full and complete flexibility in updating the fans with the latest Jamiroquai news,"

Neil Cartwright,
Million Media

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You have option of setting up your private or shared demo account by choosing between the forms below. In case of private account you have full freedom to play with your installation and purchase the same account after the trial period if you wish. With the private demo account you are able to participate in the Track Day Competition.

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Modera Webmaster

  • Easy to upgrade, modular architecture
  • Easy to add and update design
  • Third party development
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Regular updates avaliable
  • Extremely fast, yet efficient on server resources
  • Server side accelerator

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Modera.net products work on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Sharing information with different platforms has never been so easy.