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The majority of interactions in the car sales process have already moved online or been heavily influenced by online retailers. For dealers to be able to keep their value in these ever-changing times and figure out their position in future sales models, they need to be ready to systematically reshape their current role.

At this point, Modera is already helping over 30 different car brands to fit into the new multi-channel car sales world.

How will Modera help double the efficiency of your dealership?

  • Improved digital leads management

  • Industry specific Dealer Retail and CRM

  • Easy set up for automotive websites and eCommerce

  • Efficient vehicle distribution and dealer network management system

  • Selling cars has never been this effortless before

    Next generation CRM & Sales solution enables making sales process easy and customer friendly. Fully mobile solution frees your sales force from physical limitations. Direct integration to lead sources makes responding fast and convenient - and doubles your sales conversion.

  • Evaluate customer Trade in with precision and pictures

    Trade in evaluation is integral part of sales flow allowing salesman to capture Trade in car details and give a car valuation.

  • Holistic omnichannel ecommerce

    Best omnichannel solution for the automotive ecommerce world you’ll ever see. The Modera Ecommerce solution enables remote sales and connects you to a modern customer wherever they are. Forget waiting for them in your showroom - let's bring the showroom to them!

  • Online presence is your most important investment today

    Modera Webfront is a cloud based out of box website content management system built following automotive processes and needs. Webfront is modular, template based system allowing to create single or multi brand automotive websites.

  • Innovative yet cost-efficient digital showroom solution for Automotive Retail

    Upgrade your customer experience to the new real-time, remotely manageable infotainment & digital signage solution.

  • Cloud based solution for dealer network management and vehicle distribution

    Modera Importer is a modular platform that allows OEM/vehicle distributor to distribute its vehicles on the market, equip the dealers with up to date product and marketing data and gather real time sales metrics.

Our customers

Modera is Globally available SaaS platform, used by dealers, regional importers and OEMs, supporting 30+ automotive brands. Contact us to join them today.

  • It wasn’t necessarily smooth sailing from the start, but by now, KIA Auto has been able to build a powerful dealer network thanks to an all-inclusive car sales software.

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  • The Ukraine-based company has taken advantage of the smooth and seamless processes offered by the Modera Salesfront product. The first dealership represented at Winner that started using Modera Salesfront solution was Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv Airport. The solution helped them to fully automate processes, deeply analyze their work, and set up a smooth and reliable workflow during every stage of the process. Having had such a great experience with Modera Software, they’re currently planning to expand the use of the product to implement Salesfront for the rest of the brands represented at Winner.

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  • Eurostauto was on the hunt for a car dealer CRM to help take their car sales customer experience to a new level while making their dealers’ job easier and more enjoyable.

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What Our Clients Say?

  • It is a big step for us as a KIA distributor in Baltics to offer our dealers an all-in-one platform to manage their daily business, and that is unique to our needs. We are proud to be the pilots of Salesfront program, that is universal for distributor and dealers.

    Sven Litvinov
    Managing Director at KIA Auto
  • Modera CRM and Retail solution helped us to fully automate processes, deeply analyse our work, and set up a smooth and reliable workflow at every stage of their work.

    Evgen Glinkov
    Director, Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv Airport
  • Modera Salesfront solution has made booking a test drive easy and effortless for the customer. There’s no longer a need to wait in the line or spend time on the phone hoping to schedule a ride. Bookings can be done online without any hassle or wait time. Salespeople have benefitted from the product by being able to enjoy a quick and smooth process regarding drawing up price offers. As a great bonus, the offers can be made in either Estonian or Russian depending on the client. This feature helps guarantee that important information will be communicated without any errors.

    Pavel Rakov
    CEO at Sirtaki
  • ** Modera car dealer CRM is a great tool that my team uses daily. It is very easy and fast to work with content. The offers have a professional look and it is a must-have for any car dealer.

    Meelis Õitspuu
    CEO at Eurostauto
  • We have increased our offer amount over 80% after switching to the Modera solution.

    Donatas Rutkauskas
    Managing Director at Fakto Auto

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Our Best Features

  • 100% digital

    Fulfilment of customer expectation of digital sales process.

  • Fast and furious

    Customer expecting fast interaction and swift responses during sales process

  • Sell more

    Increase due to sales automation and process optimisation

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