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TFM&A China a success for software company Modera

Wednesday, 17 November 2010, London, UK ---- Technology for Marketing & Advertising (TFM&A) China, online marketing and technology event has been a success for software company Modera

The widely anticipated event for this region, and the 10th anniversary for TFM&A has exposed the specialist software company to a new region, where it has networked with a number of peers and potential clients.

TFM&A China exhibition was held at Shanghai Pudong Expo, Shanghai, China in late October 2010. Modera demonstrated its current product suite with the main focus being the product information management range. Attendees of the exhibition were the first and only guests that had the opportunity to experience the latest developments with the new platform by visiting Modera on its stand over the two-day period.

Siim Vips, CEO at Modera, comments. “China is often regarded as the centre of finance, technology and trade; we were not disappointed. This was the perfect region for Modera to demonstrate it has been growing with the future standards of technology and in particular the range of clients within similar regions that have benefited from Modera’s technology. 

Vips adds, “TFM&A China is one of the most qualified events for marketing software and technology for this region. TFM&A China will be celebrated its 10th anniversary and we saw a lot of global organisations seeking how they can use technology to benefit their businesses.”

“They will be searching how to improve on existing or develop new business models to address challenging international environments and we answered these questions. Modera offer scalable systems that can be easily developed which is a key element to creating and maintaining successful business software for the future. It was a useful event to demonstrate how they can future proof their plans and stabilise their growth and success with exciting technology,” Vips continued. 

Modera has worked within the Hong Kong region for over six years representing brands such as Citizen Watch Hong Kong, The China Navigation, Hans Energy, Hong Kong Express, JB Group, Smartcom Travel, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and partners APAC Interactive Ltd. Although Shanghai is a new region for Modera; similar region above, the software company relishes the opportunity to prove its technology is robust to manage a variety of requirements. 

TFM&A China has been a solid platform for attendees to review what is available from content management system (SMP) and customer relationship management (CRM) global experts. For Modera it was a good opportunity to receive personal feedback and to gauge what it can offer businesses within this region.

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The media spokesperson for Modera is Siim Vips, CEO. Photographs are available of the Modera team.

About Modera

Modera is a global software company specialising in content management development that constantly challenges the technology and clients environments to deliver superior solutions that meet expectations. Modera operates in over 20 countries including the UK, Spain, Hong Kong and the USA, with headquarters in Estonia.

Backed by 24-hour support and a vast partner network, Modera takes the hassle out of content management with its cost-effective webmaster, intranet and extranet product line. Whether taken separately or together as a complete interconnected product, these tools are fast, secure, simple-to-use modular in design making them highly flexible and are competitively priced.

Simple to install and maintain, Modera’s scalable service caters for SMEs through to large organisations that require products to service bespoke individual needs. Its clients include established and well-known brands such as Bank of Happiness, Nissan, Citizen Watches, Group 4 Securicor (GS4), Hong Kong Express Airline,, Bose and The Mama Group Plc.

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