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Now eLecten system available within Automotive product range

The sales process and customer expectations of the consumer have changed dramatically over the past years with the fast advances in internet technology. Modera Automotive range of products have been addressing these challenges by providing manufacturers and dealers with the software to meet the new challenges while optimise the working processes.

A piece of paper with the details next to the vehicles showroom is last century practice. This is changed by eLectern system, a  integral product within Modera Automotive product range.

The application collects to the existing products within the Modera Automotive product range and seamlessly formed a content that customer expects to see. Only thing dealer has to do is match the specific vehicle with the application. This is it, all the other information about the specific vehicle, technical data, equipment data, accessories available for this vehicle, financial calculator and similar cars from stock are pulled automatically by the application.

After the vehicle is matched eLectern and gets sold or booked the application will adjust the status in real time.

The customer satisfaction with the system has been very positive and the development roadmap for future functions is a long one with second generation eLectern product due to be launched in Q2 2015.