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Autosales application launched with range of pilot customers

Universal role based application will help the dealers to optimise the sales processes by introducing automation of routine activities. The application has been developed taking into account years of data collected from more than 500 car dealers staff. By interviewing and mapping the daily activities of the different roles within the dealership, Modera customer experience and BI teams have created a product that is optimized for each role and intuitive enough to use without need for training.

The application includes two click preparation of detailed shiny proposals, sales automation features for reminding customers of pending proposals and logistics pipe of the vehicle inducing all roles involved (salesman, sales secretary, sales managers/owner, parts, workshop, logistics). Next to that the application is able to collect the leads from different sources automatically.

On top of sales automation there is optional possibility for the dealers using Modera’s Dealer Websites platform to initiate online sales sessions within the Autosales environment, collecting the data, car build configurations and conversations for future reference. This enables to automate the sales process as there is no need for preparing a proposal manually when customer arrives in person. With one click configurations can be opened as proposals.

There will be monthly releases with the long application development roadmap and full details will be published in Q2 2015 after the piloting stage is over and product will become available.