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Modera Webmaster to be replaced by next generation product in November 2015

Modera's know how in terms of content management systems development know-how dates back to 1998 when its founders created the first database driven online content management system for their first customers.

When in 2003 Modera Webmaster was relesed it incuded all possible needs that webmasters needed inforder to publish content with ease. As the popularity of the system grew and multinational companies started to use the system more and more features were added for a decade. As the internet space evolved more and more people form the organization got evolved with the content management tasks. When planning the next generation product the name become irrelevant. Everyone with any device authorized to create or alter the content can do it without any tehnical know-how.

Siim Vips, Modera CEO, "What makes a diffenece with Modera Webfront is the focus on the brand consistancy and ease of usage. The freedom to edit content is limited to the brandbook rules of each brand. Brands can be assured that their brand image is protected while all users get intiutive user experience that they deserve".

Introducing Modera Webfront. The new product that will be realease in November 2015 will have backward compatible modules with Modera Webmaster but is all new. The user experience of the backend and onlite ending functionality of the front end is all new. Next to responsive website support that was available in past product for years  now content editing is also responsive and effortless with any design.