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Modera’s new wireless device links screens with software in real time

Modera’s new plug&play device enables streaming content from AutoDealer software on any TV or monitor that has support for HDMI input and USB. Real-time streaming of campaigns, advertisements, product information and announcements from a centralized web-based application to any screen captured with the device is easy and faster than ever before. The wireless device also serves as maintenance-free link between public infoscreen and backoffice for customer queueing, customer welcoming or service status.

Simplicity is the key -  no more DVDs, custom applications, black boxes or other equipment. Just WIFI, HDMI and USB and you are ready to digitalize your premises with rich online content in real-time.

“We struggled with dozens of versions and continuous need for maintenance with our previous solution where we installed a application to TV-devices for content push. Our new solution is totally free from these concerns and does its job perfectly, day after day” says Siim Vips, Modera’s CEO.