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Dealer 4.0 simplifies value chain management

Winds of change are blowing over automotive industry. Changes are not limited to product evolution endulging us with self-driving vehicles, powerful electric cars or vehicle connectivity. Automotive value chain is also under turmoil while consumers are more powerful than ever before. Digital era customer expectations have become the key success factor - or the stumbling stone - in competition for consumer soul.

Social media has raised consumers group power over automotive marketers influence. Customers are empowered to search online for options and offers free from location limitations. Information highway actually offers more than just information and channel for sharing experiences - traditional automotive retail has also found competition from completely new business models. Internet savvy consumers hunt for good service and excitement which severely challenges traditional automotive loyalty. Those wishing to be successful in automotive retail are forced to find both systems and processes to meet with networked customers evergrowing expectations.

Vertical integration complexityPWC published a study about digitalization in automotive sales and distribution already in 2013 stating "Automakers must join forces with their dealers to build first-class digital sales and marketing capabilities. This will require fundamental changes in the role of dealers and geographybased distribution systems that weren’t designed for the borderless online marketplace." Gartner shared their updated industry vision in May 2016 and it continues on the same track: "Digital value chains created through frameworks such as Industrie 4.0 empower business transformation from automotive platforms toward mobility concepts."

Dealer 4.0 is a term used for digitalized dealership capable of meeting with grown digital era customer expectations. In this concept the dealership is the brand facade; the frontline for customer touchpoints. While this frontline surely is important, even more crucial is what lies behind. The whole automotive value chain needs to be harnessed real-time to support these touchpoints and to learn from them. This is the key challenge for traditional approach, in which simply updating the current systems with new features used to be good enough.

Vertical integrationModera Automotive product suite is launched to match and evolve with Dealer 4.0 requirements. Customer engagement, lead generation and maximum conversion have been the driving forces in planning and developing the suite. Online is real-time integrated to sales, sales and service are connected together and to showroom and customer can interact with touchscreen technology. Online presence, customer experience and sales process efficiency can be managed with same tools making automotive sales work easier and more motivating.

Modera Automotive suite is designed to enhance and simplify management of the value chain on every level. OEM is able to push content to value chain in real-time. They can forecast production or advice product design with direct showroom or shopfloor information. Distributor is able to focus on business steering and growth with tools to keep brand consistently visible, their campaigns right to the point and their marketing planning adviced. Dealer, the customer engagement frontline, can focus on good customer service that exceeds the expectations with sales tools and showrooms that inspire and attract customers with same excitement they have experienced from advertising campaings.

Vertical integration benefitsModera Automotive product suite offers unparalleled vertical integration for automotive value chain from OEM's to car dealerships. Transparency within the value chain improves both customer experience and profits. This could easily be very difficult to achieve with traditional evolution of existing systems. Modera Automotive product suite is designed to be implemented on top of existing systems with simple API's to exchange data. 

What could easily be a decade-long, complex and costly integration project of dozens of systems can now be achieved with cost-efficient, intuitively usable and quick to implement product suite covering the entire automotive value chain from OEM to car dealerships.

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