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Nissan dealer websites "most inspiring"

Auto Bild magazine's survey for automotive customer experience called Service1 was done in Finland for 12th time this year. According to Auto Bild magazine, "the difference between the top and the bottom is dramatic". BMW took the 1st position on the podium this year. 

The customers' feedback about online presence was generally depressing. Mostly challenge is that online is not commercially inspiring. Nissan dealers digital services were on good level in this survey. Customers experienced especially the websites of Nissan dealers "most inspiring". The websites are run on Modera Webfront.

AutoBild coverModera has provided the dealer websites for Nordic and Baltic Nissan dealers as service already for years, but upgrade to latest Modera Webfront responsive and onsite editable version completed about one year ago and recent visual update to modern and user engaging design have uplifted the online presence quality to a new level.

According to Auto Bild article "Maintaining customer excitement is a challenge for car dealer websites. From purchase drive perspective customers found the dealer websites generally more negative than last year". In this context the positive feedback for Nissan dealers' websites being most inspiring part of Nissan's digital services was a big positive surprise.

Modera's Webfront online presence management system has gone through major changes during last two years. Modera has taken giant leaps to improve both customer engagement factor and lead generation aspect, not to mention user friendliness and intuitivity from admin perspective. In light of 2016 Auto Bild survey results and customer feedback, these changes have proven to be great success.

Lately many companies using Webfront have also found Modera's fully integrated Online Sales -chat system to be most helpful in their sales and customer service processes. Differences between bulk chat products on the market and Webfront's fully integrated Online Sales are admin user friendliness, full integration to all other Modera backend-systems including inbuild CRM-functionalities and ability to follow closely all customer behavior before engaging to conversation with the browsing customer.

Webfront is currently one of the fastest growing "top-of-the-tier" online presence management systems on the market. Modera's newly launched automotive retail digitalization products as Salespad for car salesmen, Lectern for showroom vehicle information presenting and Queue for managing customer experience at dealership, all integrated to Webfront, surely will increase the interest even further.

See a video how Modera Webfront can inspire also your customers.