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EU co-funding for new Modera Salesfront product line

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Modera introduced a revolutionary customer experience digitalization platform for automotive industry during 2015. Platform has raised a lot of interest in Europe and APAC area.

Some pilots and rollout-projects have already started to deliver Dealer 4.0 experience to most visionary automotive companies. In October Modera launched new EAS co-funded project to transform to SaaS business model, launch new Modera Salesfront product range and extend products to wider industry scope.

First stage of the project will run for 18 months and is expected to enable Modera to become one of leading customer experience digitalization companies on European level. EAS funding will help Modera to speed up this transformation.

It will also ensure strict control over project productivity by pushing Modera project team to reach quarterly targets with clockwork accuracy. Modera is now actively looking for foregoing industry trendsetter companies with growing brands to participate in the project as proof-of-concept (POC) and piloting – especially within real estate and durable goods trade industries.

If interested, please contact Detailed information about the Modera Salesfront products will be published Q1 2017 on Modera website.

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