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Survey: 93% of OEM’s think their retail digital customer experience needs improvement

Modera sponsored this year the 17th Annual ENG Automotive Retail & Distribution Summit organized in Amsterdam 27.-28.3. ENG attendees 2017

The summit gathered total over 100 automotive professionals representing automotive OEM’s, distributors, retailers, consultants, vendors and service providers.

During summit, Modera performed a survey to investigate how Automotive OEM’s plan to deploy digitalization, mobility and sales automation in their retail networks. We got total of 27 responses of which 14 were made by OEM’s. We are pleased to share the results here:

  • 36% of OEM’s follow-up their retail network performance with real-time solution whereas 64% get their data in arrears – mostly through quarterly summary reports
  • Sales CRM data with retail network is shared in real-time only by 29% of OEM’s. Shared data includes:
    • Leads from online – 64%
    • Prospect data – 31%graph1
    • Offers/Agreements – 57%
    • Leads from other sources – 21%
  • 21% or OEM’s do not share Sales CRM data with their retail network
  • 93% of automotive OEM’s respond that their retail digital customer experience needs improvements
  • OEM’s are planning to implement remotely managed digital infotainment & signage solution to their retail network as follows:
    • Have already – 21%
    • During next year – 29%
    • During next three years – 36%
    • Later – 14%
  • OEM’s are planning to implement Mobile Sales Solution to their retail network as follows:
    • Have already – 14%graph2
    • During next year – 64%
    • During next three years – 21%

As the survey reveals, the OEM’s are taking seriously the digital disruption. Many have already some digital customer experience solutions in place in their flagship-stores but are also preparing or planning to extend connected and cost-efficient solutions throughout their entire retail networks. No doubt, some of these solutions will take time to deploy in full and some will meet with challenges while being implemented.

Most of the OEM’s at the event thought that the DMS integration will be among their biggest challenges in implementation of their digital strategy in future. Many are considering also to re-think their DMS strategy in close future.