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Kia growing strong in Baltic with Modera Webront and Salesfront

KIA Auto AS is the importer of KIA brand vehicles and parts in three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. KIA Auto AS has headquarters in Tallinn and 22 resellers in the Baltics.

KIA Auto wanted to uplift their web presence following global KIA brand web update project; locally they wanted to stay fully aligned with global brand look and simplify and decrease maintenance workload.

KIA Auto's import territory has four languages. Therefore support for multi-language and easy management of product data translations was critical to them. In addition KIA Auto struggled with continuous data quality issues, delays in campaigns and duplicate work.

Kia Auto decided to implement Modera Webfront to all three countries. The heart of of this new infrastructure was introduction of centralized Modera Importer suite. With Modera Importer all content, news, offers, campaigns, events, banners and product information could be managed from intuitive and easy central backend system - enabling even real-time onsite content editing.

Modera Importer enabled KIA Auto to roll-out Webfront also to their dealer network enabling them to maintain KIA brand look and feel on every dealer website. It allows KIA Auto also to launch news, campaigns and events to dealer websites from same Modera Importer system as they use for their own site. It also means no more errors on vehicle data, prices or images on these connected sites while data is managed centrally.

As a next step Kia is introducing Modera Salesfront to its dealer network. Modera Salesfront offers tab-based mobile sales solutions for salesmen and digital lectern tabs next to every display vehicle for easy specs browsing and vehicle configuring.

Salesfront piloting has already started. Aim is to increase the amount of formal offers made to customers significantly with help of fast and salesman-friendly Salesfront offer tool. This is expected also to improve conversion from lead to sales due to minimized of loss of incoming leads that are directly integrated to the Salesfront sales tool.

Happy trails Kia Baltic, making it bigger with Salesfront!