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Top 5 ways to sell more cars in 2018

Selling more is good only if you do it profitably. One can invest to walls, marketing campaigns and posh appearances limitlessly but does it pay off? What is the ROI of these investments and how do you measure it?

There are no simple answers to these questions. This is why we gathered the most popular fundamental and tangible improvements here that provide direct link to sales results in as short time period as possible for payback. Here are the top 5:

1. Increase leads volume

You cannot go more hands-on than this. Leads volume equals opportunity. Without opportunities you cannot score.

Leads volume is a question of your marketing peers; do you give opportunity for customers to express their interest in a formal but simple way? Ensure that your inbound peers are active and updated to collect all your opportunities and you’ve done already a lot. Your webforms are efficient lead collection tools but only when they work properly and you are able to respond immediately. Webchats and chatbots can help you serving those customers that are not the form-filling kind. Outbound campaigns result to leads only if customer can connect to you through the campaign. (Source:

Increasing lead volume is definitely a good start for selling more.

2. Get the customers inside your dealership

Customers and prospects are not really that eager to show up at your dealership. Studies about customer experiences at car dealerships are harsh reading. They all can’t be wrong, can they?

For example average 52% of car shoppers feel uncomfortable at dealerships. As high as 56% of millennials say they’d rather clean their homes than shop at a car dealer. And 24% of generation X consumers would rather go to dentists than get into car negotiation. Among millennial women, 62% feel pressured and 49% say they feel tricked into buying features they didn’t need. (Source: Beepi 2016 Automotive Consumer Index)

Overall 54% of consumers claim that they would buy from a dealership that offers their preferred experience, even if they didn’t have the lowest price. (Source: Autotrader)

This is how important customer experience at your dealership is. Making even the minor improvements to the purchase experience that you provide can make a big difference. Not that the big ones would be bad either. Basically it is all about matching the expectations of the customers on regular basis - doing the right things on right time - and being helpful rather than pushy.

It is important that customer does not sense a huge gap between the brand marketing promise and the dealership appearance and service. If you want to attract modern buyers, you should provide them modern purchase experience.

3. Improve your data quality

Data quality might sound quite technical and a detail that is far away from daily sales work, but it hardly is so. Knowing about your prospect customer updated details who they are, what they are used to and what they want next takes you three steps ahead the customer when it comes to closing the deal.

Whereas quantity is opportunity, quality is the aiming tool. Shooting blind rarely scores you goals, right?

You can improve your data quality by improving the source systems but also by enabling your sales solution to combine information with what you already may have known and what you gather as you go. Regular cleansing of obsolete data enables you to avoid misinterpretations and data enriching from different sources helps you to make more educated sales work. Most modern systems provide you with these tools automatically.

4. Improve your conversion rate

When you have gone through all the trouble to collect leads and get the customers to your dealership, why should you let these opportunities go to waste?

Lead conversion is dependant on multiple things already listed here but there is one thing above others - you get what you measure. Do you measure your sales team conversion rates? Do you feedback about the results and give each salesman possibility to improve based to facts?

Yes, we think it is as simple as that. By measuring the conversion rate systematically and by sharing the results you will get better results. Learning comes only from education and education about facts.

Make sure you deal these facts to your team to enable them to succeed better.

5. Sales team skills and motivation

Unless you are a superman doing all the jobs at your dealership, your sales team is between you and your customer. What they are doing and how they do it makes all the difference.

Sales team motivation can be incentivised and controlled with motivational salary system. Their skills can be improved by regular training. But can these also assist the salesman to make the right thing at the right time - every time for every customer - in a controlled way?

According to studies main impacting factor to salesmen results is actually their enablement. Do they have proper tools to do their job in a way they can excel and are the obstacles for making the sales removed? Are they held accountable for doing their job with accurate information about their performance? Although we are talking about sales team skills and motivation, this question comes to the choosing of the correct sales system that helps the salesmen to do what they are hired for = sell.

Never underestimate the impact of the correct tools to the work of a craftsman.

Learnings and takeaway

This year is coming soon to an end. Now it is time to start to making your promises for new year. We hope you pick up at least one or two from this list to your promises bucket. We are convinced that they will pay off if you are serious about them.