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Virtual Reality Showroom launched today in Berlin

Modera Software launches the biggest change in automotive sales since the first car dealership was established by William E. Metzger in 1898 at this years’ ENG Automotive CRM & Marketing Summit in Berlin. Hype around Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) has been strong although tangible and every-day usable applications have been almost completely absent. Modera VR Showroom is the first VR business application that is directly integrated to customer service process and enables practical use of VR environment in sales.

Willingness to provide new, exciting and captive purchase experiences for customers have brought the marketing and technology teams of many large companies together during last years. Most of these rendezvous’ have turned out to be violent collisions resulting to collateral damages rather than constructive collaborations that would create value-adding, customer captivating and user friendly solutions.

While VR and AR solutions have been exiting, they have not been very useful. The hype around the topics has resulted mostly all play but no business. Expensive solutions have not provided much real-life return on investments.

Developing a useful VR solution

Modera R&D lab has worked to develop a cost effective solution for automotive to make more pragmatic use of VR. While the visual excellence and novelty aspects of this technology have not been forgotten, the focuses have been on best possible user experience for the final customer and tangible added value.

Modera VR Showroom has three main advantages:

  1. Customer experience is dignified instead of requiring silly posture during the VR use.
  2. Integrated with sales system, enabling salesman to close a deal.
  3. Supplements existing solutions for stores and dealerships where full range is not on display.

VR is every-day commodity in future

VR data models will in close future be similar assets as a JPG images were in the 90’s – every day basic material. All manufactures use 3D modelling already in their design processes. Most manufacturers also provide 3D data models to their marketing departments and agencies for online marketing use. It is only a natural next step refine the 3D models into VR environments where customers are taken to the next level of digital experience. Biggest obstacle so far has been that VR applications have not been practical or ready for mass use. Now this is changing for better.

Simple and ready VR solution

Modera VR solution is as simple as it is genius. It is based on a VR connector product with out-of-the-box virtual car builder – simple, useful, customer friendly and a ready sales application.

Modera’s experience with product data models for car brands has ensured cost effectiveness of the solution as the VR is able to exchange configurations between real and virtual world with native real time connection.

The solutions makes good use of existing manufacturer 3d data, provides a working solution for brand retails to use the VR in daily business but is still super-exiting for customers.

The elegancy of the Modera VR solution does not end there. Solution generates and manages the VR data models in Modera Importer PDM (Product Data Management solution) that also maintains same interior and exterior images for all other sources (website, mobile, offers etc.). Updates take minutes and there is no need to generate nor manage thousands of images compiling 3d images manually. Very cost efficient, right? This enables also avoiding potential human mistakes while the data update process is streamlined and unified.

How to get a VR solution?

Modera makes the VR solution backend and its toolset available for customer preferred digital agencies for final adjusting to each customer as may be needed. The VR solution will be added as an option for Modera’s Salesfront customers whose mobile sales CRM already covers their entire sales process from end-to-end.

Getting a VR solution starts from making a contact with Modera sales team (click here) and arranging a demo with us. We will make VR fast, easy and convenient for you.

Check out Modera VR Showroom video:

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