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Software company Modera release new site

Thursday, 21 October 2010, London, UK ---- Software company Modera has released its second and most progressive website for disco, funk and soul band Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai has also been working with Media Junction, a specialist media agency in arts, entertainment and music promotion to deliver the site. The new site supports Jamiroquai’s forthcoming record Rock Dust Light Star, to be released on 01 November 2010, and tour. The site will act as a hub between the bands fans; intuitively directing them to diverse content including interviews, news, the latest music and behind the scenes videos.

Siim Vips, CEO at Modera explains, “With the new site we have upgraded the existing Modera Webmaster Professional software to the latest version, redesigned it building upon what has previously been successful based upon the latest trends and requirements. Within the last five years technology has changed massively and will continue to do so more rapidly in future. Modera works to provide new innovation for the future releases that allow to us deliver progressive websites such as that push current limitations. In doing so, we have created a powerful client controlled backend driving a user friendly frontend caretaking a distinct global identity.”

Vips continues, “All other enhancements from the old site are mainly related to enhancing usability and ensuring the site is both search and social media friendly. Our software is intuitive and simple to use, allowing Media Junction Digital and even Jamiroquai to manage it at their own leisure whenever they need via the powerful backend, handing control where it needs to be, culminating in a cleanly presented frontend.”

Neil Cartwright, head of digital development at Media Junction comments, “The band has always successfully achieved great social relations within digital environments amongst fans with earlier versions of the site. The new site is a great improvement on what was delivered in 2006 also by Modera, which was arguably way ahead of what was being created for this sector at that time. We’ve integrated assets of all relevant parties, including record label Universal connecting directly with Jamiroquai’s fan base.”

Cartwright adds, “With Media Junction the band truly understand their audiences within digital arenas and how they interact with content from the band. More importantly, fans can easily see they can become more involved with the socially driven site from Modera becoming the perfect platform to facilitate this seamless integration."

Jay Kay, Jamiroquai front man wanted the site to relate to vintage sport cars that he is passionate about, with an aspect of the site to have several skin options for users to choose from.

Jay Kay comments, “Our fans are very interactive with our website and social networking sites, so we wantedto make this as easy for them as possible. The new site means fans can let us know what they’re doing and enjoying and be very much a part of the website itself. We enjoy an online rapport with them, sharing instant feedback to what is going on, whether it’s behind the scenes clips, music videos, band updates or photography is a natural step. Now they can experience everything Jamiroquai on the go, at anytime they like and be part of it with the improved site.”

Visit the new site for the disco, funk and soul band.

The new Jamiroquai record (Rock Dust Light Star) to be released on 01 November 2010 new website features

- Modera Webmaster Professional content management system (CMS) software driving the backend translating into a simple and user friendly client controlled frontend

- Jamiroquai information, news and updates via social media and RSS feeds

- Page re-spray allow users to change the colour themes of the web site chosen by Jay Kay with car themes

- Comprehensive library archive of interviews, music, photography, live gigs, television appearances, official and behind the scenes videos

- A video music player powered by Modera music player module

- Social media including community, forum, gallery (photographs) and newsletters via seamless integration through social assets e.g. via the Facebook social plug-in

- Jamiroquai merchandise e-commerce store via Universal

- Social media assets and functionality across Facebook, iLike,, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube

The media spokesperson for Modera is Siim Vips, CEO. Photographs are available of the Modera team.


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