Launched in early 2005, the Modera Partner Network is designed to offer a full range of Internet solutions and related services, with local support in every major world location. Our partners are today's leading businesses, each committed to providing competitive and high-quality solutions to their customers. Modera Partner Network members are proud to serve such notable clients as Nestle, PepsiCo, Nissan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Red Bull, Hong Kong Express, Viasat, Rimi, Discover, DDB, Sirius, Yamaha, and others.

The Modera Partner Network includes:

  • Design and Implementation Companies. Increase your business volume by offering custom design, installation and configuration of Modera platform products.
  • Educational Partners. You provide free educational installation licensing for universities and secondary schools as well as Modera product development and learning solutions.
  • Regional Business Development Consultants. You have full marketing rights to sell Modera products and services within a specified country and/or region. Modera provides you with the tools and resources you need to optimize sales within your region.
  • Developers. You're a pro at using the Modera Module Development Kit and regularly program new modules. In most cases, design and implementation partners also provide module development to their clients.
  • Web Hosting Organizations. Become a hosting partner by running Modera products on your server. We certify you as a Modera web hosting partner upon receipt of full documentation, server configuration, and set-up information. What's more, our network can provide you with the potential for additional business. How? We refer Modera design and implementation partners who don't have their own data centers to our hosting partners.

As a Modera Partner, you can improve your business leads, promote your services, maximize revenue and add real value to your existing client base. If you feel your organization is a good fit for our Network, learn more about Partnership benefits or apply to join our network today.

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